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When it comes to print wedding marketing, we’ve decided to take an entirely new and re-freshing approach. One that is inline with the new marketing trends. 

Traditionally, print material has meant placing an ad in a limited shelf-life product, a fleeting resource that readers are likely to leaf through once or twice and possibly earmark a page, only to forget to go back to later.

Determined to find a better way to create a longer, more in-depth connection, the I Do Wedding Planner was born! We’ve created a product that allows couples to immerse themselves from day one to three sixty-five (or one thousand!) of their wedding planning process.

The planner is a resource that gives couples a reason to refer back throughout their engagement and the resulting long-term connection provides an amazing opportunity for vendors (that’s you!) to reach potential clients.

We want to help you reach your target customers at the moment they are searching for your services.

The wedding planner gives you a chance to establish yourself as an expert in your field, while providing couples with invaluable information aimed at making their wedding planning process that much more enjoyable.

As an example: Imagine you are a bride reading up on questions to ask a decorator, and glancing over to the directory page, you see a decorator ad or taking it one step further, you read a local decorator’s tips on choosing a theme for their wedding. After such a strong first connection, it’s that much more likely that the bride will take it one step further and go online to find out what that decorator’s company is all about. From there, as always, it’s up to you to knock their socks off, but you will have gone a long way towards creating a strong connection before they even visit your website!

I Do Wedding Planner

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content with purpose

Unlike traditional magazines, we want to make sure that our content is worthy enough to be kept on hand by the couples using our planner. Therefore, we offer to-do lists, questions to ask vendors and articles by experts like yourself in the industry. 

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expert articles

As an industry leader, these Expert Articles allow you to add "Published" to your badges of honour.   You get to write an article related to the services you provide AND pair it with an ad. This Advertorial provides additional value to your marketing efforts.  

Limited to one vendor per category. 

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Unlike traditional magazines, our wedding planner showcases the best of the industry. People we believe in, trust and adore. Therefore, we have a cap on the number of advertisements we intake per issue, as follows: 

Expert Article + Full Page Ad: 1 per category
Full Page Ads: 1 per category
Half Page Ads: 1 per category
Directory Listing: 4 per category
Online Listings: 10 per category
                    (included with all print ads) 

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